TRICL 1 Group Photo


TRICL (Training and Resources for Indigenous Community Linguists) is a research and training program founded in 2015 by Yankee Modi and Mark W. Post

TRICL aims to provide training, resources and ongoing support to members of Indigenous language communities in the Eastern Himalayan region who wish to document or do related work with their own languages.

TRICL achieves this by sourcing equipment, facilitating networking, and providing annual training workshops in a safe and welcoming village environment near Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Some of the skills TRICL focuses on include operating recording equipment, recording metadata, managing and organizing file types, preparing a language archive deposit, applying for and managing grants, basic phonological analysis and orthography design, basic morphological analysis and dictionary design, mobile app development, and the use of technical linguistics software such as FLEx, ELAN and SayMore.

Although any sincere and committed member of an Eastern Himalayan Indigenous language community is welcome to apply to join TRICL, TRICL particularly seeks to support community member researchers who are not already supported by an Indian or international academic institution.

Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research

TRICL gratefully acknowledges ongoing support from the Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research.