Anu Jebisow

Hruso Aka Community

Stringing traditional bead ornaments

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Atsum Rumo, Nate Jebisow, Renu Jebisow, Lagu Sidasow and Luku Lipyang stringing traditional bead ornaments (Photo Credit: Anu Jebisow)


Hrusso Aka Community 

Huluguvo, Buragaon, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh

Project: ‘Seasons of life: birds, plants and people through the year.’

Anu Jebisow has documented Hrusso speakers’ traditional ecological knowledge about annual cyclical events, such as crop cultivation and harvesting, and their relationships to changing features of the environment such as songbird calls or the blooming of wildflowers signalling a change in season. She has further collected traditional Hrussu stories, songs and mythological narratives. All of her audio/video files are accompanied by a short description of the texts, and are currently being transcribed and translated in preparation for her large-scale archival deposit.