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Dakpa speaker Hamchung

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Dakpa speaker Hamchung (mother of Tashi Tshewang) making ponpo (lichen) stew Video still, credit: Tashi Tshewang


Dakpa Community 

Tongkanathang, Rinzentangpang, Bamchang and Dukti, District Trashi Yantse, Bhutan

Project: Bönism, Traditional Healing, and the Environment

Bönism is unofficailly banned in Bhutan and is on the path to extinction. In this project Tashi Tshewang spent 3 months documenting audio/visual recording of the indigenous healing practices and their relationship with the local environment.

In addition a number of autobographical stories of ordinary village folks are included. An interesting audio/video recipes preparation for wild mushrooms and lichen is also included. Some texts are processed using ELAN software.