Johakso Manyu

Tawrã Community

Ajonglum Thadus mother (TBC)

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(Photo credit: Johakso Manyu)


Tawrã (Mishmi) Community

Anjaw and Lohit districts, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Project: Tawrã oral history: migration and settlement + dialectal map of Tawrã

Johakso Manyu, a native member of the Tawrã (Mishmi) tribe, has collected traditional oral histories related to Tawrã clan group migration. Tawrã clan members’ migration histories are not homogeneous, instead each clan has its own specific migration histories that detail how they came to be settled in their present village. Rather than trying to resolve them to a single consistent narrative, Johakso Manyu has collected all of these different perspectives in an attempt to represent the full richness of Tawrã cultural memories. This project also contributes to efforts to determine the geographical and clan-wise distribution of different varieties of the Tawrã language.