Our purpose

CCLD-EH is a research and training organization dedicated to documenting, describing and sustaining cultural-linguistic diversity in the Eastern Himalayan region (northeast India and adjacent areas in Bhutan, Tibet, Bangladesh, Myanmar and eastern Nepal).

Our aims:

document diversity

build capacity

foster collaboration

promote sustainability

CCLD-EH as an organization is lean, nimble, and focused squarely on its core areas of expertise. Its members are highly accomplished pioneers in their research areas, with decades of combined research experience, a track record of high-quality publications and prestigious academic awards, advanced fluency in local languages, and extensive networks of local and international support.

  We run programs focused on:

  • language and culture documentation
  • grammatical description
  • dictionary construction and design
  • pedagogical materials development
  • ethnobotanical knowledge
  • oral literature
  • orthography design and implementation
  • advice to policymakers

Our programs




Sustaining Languages through Indigenous Community Empowerment





Training and Resources for Indigenous Community Linguists





Fellowships for Indigenous Community Researchers